Friday, March 16, 2007

About Bloody Time

OK folks this is a long time overdue, a long time in the making and no excuses either, I've ignored this place for far too long and it isn't fair. In my mind what few readers I have here will have gone for good now me thinks. It's down to me again and my mind in terms of what content gets added here.

I set about writing this post as a way of kick starting this place back into life, but I can't it's more a case of me not having much to say in here, or just about me not wanting to put anything in here. So what has gone on? Well not too much if I'm honest. I've blinked a few times, taken many breaths and have slept quite a few nights since I last posted in here. For my mental state though, it's been on the main very good, but of late I've noticed far too many low points or me being very aware of what people are saying too me or about me. Yesterday for example I really took a knock from one of the teachers at the school I used to work at. It wasn't my fault that a child who I work with had lost his bag, I was sure that he had taken it home. I checked every where it could be twice over, but I was still taken down as if I was a three year old. I was in an awful state, and not one I should have been working in, but I had no option in that. Subsequently the bag has been found, but I've had no apology from school, which would be nice. However as a former work colleague of mine there died and the funeral was today I'm not sort of expecting anything today.

The bright spark for yesterday, was seeing Lisa for the first time in well over 6 months. She needed picking up from the airport as she had flown up this time to see her family. It may have only been for like 20 minutes or so, but it was better than not seeing her at all and getting upset when we don't meet up. I may be short of money again, but I will find some to make sure that we can go out either tonight or tomorrow.

I would have liked to have gone to London tonight for a concert, but due to the money situation and that I'm working in the morning makes going to see James in a secret gig impossible. I will however see them at some point soon. I'll also be buying a t-shirt which contains a James lyric and a image that is dear to my heart from May 26th 1999..... It just works so well that at the concert tour in April it's going to be standard issue for United/James fans.