Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random Guy

So today I'm sat in the library with some random guy over the overside of the table who has decided to talk to me about speed of typing.  I've no idea who he is and don't really don't want to which is unfair of me, but hey he's a complete random and and that's the issue.  I don't know why he's latched onto me over this, but he has and so I'm going to have to cope with this. 

I'm not even sure why I'm in the library to be honest on the computers, my computer though slow is fine, I just decided I wanted to read a book and have no book to read at home, so I decided to come to the library and the first port of call was to come in and check my emails, however with Mr Random guy talking to me I wanted to get typing and just see where my own speed was up to, but what it is proving is that if I'm distracted that I make more mistakes than I do when not.  I say that, as I actually speed up if listening to music, but that's understandable.  He's gone away now the random guy so I don't have to listen to him anymore. 

Things are good right now, I'm happy I'm coping with things and am looking forward to this weekend's Pride in Manchester.  I'm going to be taking part in the parade again this year, in one of at least 2 groups which I've mentioned before.  I've found out that Alyson Moyet is playing on Sunday night on the main stage, so I am going to go along and watch her show, as whilst not being a big fan of some of her stuff I do enjoy it, and her voice was always good.  Plus of course it gets me out of the flat and is a break from the normal mundane life that sometimes becomes me on a Sunday night.  I've had to resort to watching video's on my PC of a Sunday night, films or anything really.  Mainly because whilst my PC is playing video's OK, it's not 100% in terms of being working order.  I am still going to take it back to the repair shop at some point and get it looked at again.  I put some music on for the first time in a while today and it's missing tracks left right and centre once more, which is annoying as it wasn't doing that after they reformatted the thing.  So I don't know what it is that is causing the issue anymore. 

Looking around the library right now, it's scary how many people I know in here and that isn't including the random guy who is now back and telling me how happy he is at typing 26 words per minute.  I don't know why he's talking to me about it, but hey 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sound of life is silent.

As I begin this post with a free canvass to write upon, my mind is drawn to the sounds of life I can hear.  The tap, tap, tap as my fingers hit the keyboard, the whirring of the computer to my left.  Outside my flat, the russell of the trees as they are blown by the rather breezy wind, in the distance a emergancy vehicles siren's are sounding and yet the world is silent....  

Over the past week I've been trying to get out walking and exercising and have done so every day, though today I had to reduce the miles I walked, my legs didn't have any zip, no energy to walk and it was a struggle to say the least.  Maybe the wind played a part in that, but I think it's the previous days of exercising that caught up with me.  18 miles on Saturday, 5 on Sunday, 7 on Monday and 5 on Tuesday all walking and add to that on Tuesday night I swam a mile.  I felt OK walking, but then I cracked and my legs just couldn't carry me.  Thankfully I can always cut my walks with them all being local and I can make my way home considerably quicker than I would if I had tried to to finish the walk.  So I'll rest up today and wait till tomorrow afternoon before heading out on a walk again.  

It's annoying that I ended up as I did this morning as I didn't want to have to curtail the walk and knew that by doing so I was giving in, in some way and that isn't like me.  However, I am also aware that I had done the swim the previous night which after the walk earlier in the day was perhaps too much, so I have to be careful.  I'm not as young as I once was, I'm not as fit as I once was, so I've got to protect myself.  Just I do in other area's of my life, I have to take moments to assess where I'm at and to act accordingly.  

Like my walk this morning, I've come to a stop, I've got plenty I could write about, but I'm not sure they fit in this entry and don't know what or how I'm going to write about what I want to write about...  So for now I'll depart, I may come back later on today, I may not however I'll return for sure

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Positive inside.

I'm feeling good, I'm feeling positive for a change.....  Well not a change, but I'm just feeling good.  I think it's due to the walking I've done this weekend, which has obviously released some endomorphines and I'm feeling happy.  I should say that I decided to see how my fitness levels were, having not done much walking since June, and the day in the woods.  I've still got the scars on my legs through that day and don't think they'll be leaving me anytime soon.  So I set off yesterday, to follow the route I took that fateful day, but not to turn off and to carry on up to the pit head in Higher Ashley.  I say pit head, it's still has the old fashioned pit lft in place, though the pit has long since been closed.  

As I got to there I felt good and decided to go on further, and further and then I over took a barge on the canal which motivated me more.  I eventually got to Leigh, and decided to call in on a friend by surprise.  I know she was surprised and after a chat and water refill we both set off to the local shops before I departed to start the journey home.  In total the journey ended up being 18 miles long and took 4 hours 40, and although by the time I got home home I had a tiny blister on one toe that was it in terms of how I felt.  This morning the legs felt fine again, though my back was sore.  I went out for a walk today so not to allow the legs to stiffen up, and also to put some miles on the clock, a quick 5 miles in just over an hour got the jucies flowing.  I woulnd't mind as I checked the phone for a distance check prior to endng I was feeling rather glum that I hadn't got to 5 miles in an hour.  Still the leg speed is there, and when looking at the splits the quickest mile was like 13 mins 17 seconds, the slowest was 13 mins 55 seconds so I was quite consistent with split times.

This is good news, I enjoyed pushing myself today, it's paid off I'm feeling good if not rather tired right now.  Today is also the end of the London Olympics.  I don't know what my highlight would be, as perhaps I've enjoyed some of the minor sports more than ever this time.  Things like handball, water polo where we as a nation don't normally take part and in some of them don't even have any sort of hisotry of plaing in.  The government are due to announce a freezing of the money given to sports today, this is good news as the funding was due to fall, hopefully some of the lesser sports will be able to progress in this next cycle and perhaps even qualify for the Olympics out of right, rather than being the home nation.  Well as I'm now falling asleep typing this I need to stop and go rest.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Not doing things

Lunch time this Tuesday and I'm a bit lost in what I should do.  I know I've got things to do, but I am not doing them.  Well, when I say I should be doing, I have done what I've needed to do, and what I should be doing now I am trying to put off as it involves money and I don't want to spend that at the moment.  So I'll wait till I feel easier with that.  Plus I'm trying to figure out in my head things I need to do for a meeting I've got coming up very soon.  I want to be able to express myself clearly and rationally, and so I'm preparing for that.

I have found my pc is playing more music than it has for a while, but I have to be careful which websites I visit as some of them interfere with the music which is very odd, and an age long problem with this PC.  Obviously I'm not happy with my PC and would love to get it fixed and sorted, but we'll have to wait and see on that front.  I may ask someone about it tomorrow I don't know yet, it all depends on if I see them I guess.  So I'm having to spend time doing very little on the PC whilst filling in time doing other things, which is fine I guess, but I'm not doing what I would like to be doing and watching the Olympics or the regular tv shows that I watch.  As I speak my music player has just missed a track, which I know works so even this site is causing an issue. So my fingers are going to go into speed mode here to try and get this post over and done with as quickly as possible.

Apart from the above there is still no sign of my room being finished any time soon.  It's a bit annoying as I feel some what in a half way house situation with not being able to get my room back into the state it should be.  I can't put my mobiles back on the ceiling which is making me angry, which reminds me to get the suitcase down to find the mobile that broke on me the other week and take it to the youth group on Thursday with the hope that it can be fixed.  It will no doubt be the last mobile in the suitcase that I look at, however I know it's near the bottom so I'll go searching from bottom up with that search.

You know it's strange, that here we are in August and in just over 2 months time I'll be coming up to my birthday and we'll be on the run in to Christmas, it's been a very rapid year this year in so many ways.  I can't grasp how quickly it has gone.  Mabe it's been the weather that has blended in the whole year into one.  We've had some incredibly hot days and some rather wet ones, but nothing sustained of either.  It's been such a blur that it's been difficult to disinguish between winter and summer......  Hopefully though I may find some sort of work before Xmas or at least get my foot in the door some where. 

Sunday, August 05, 2012

A little Pride

Oh, only 3 posts last month, that wasn't good was it??  It wasn't for not wanting to post, but I guess that with my PC playing up some what and towards the end of last month as well I was ready to move upstairs to get my flat re-decorated so I missed out on the last 10 days or so.  

With regards to the PC, it's getting slower and slower and I can no longer watch video's on it, which is a pain in the backside as that is something that I enjoy using my PC for.  It's been worse right now with the Olympics being on, I'd have been watching near enough everything from Sailing to Handball, from Football to Fencing, and everything else inbetween.  However, I've had to make do with twitter updates and the text updates on the BBC website.  Even now it's painfully slow, I took it in to be repaired last week (the PC of course), and they had to reformat it, because it was so slow, however it's almost slower now and still no good in terms of video or dvd playback.  It is slightly better for music playing, however, that still gets interference when other programmes or websites are being used.  It's driving me crackers and I'll be taking it back to the shop again very soon and giving them a bit of my mind, whilst also making it very clear what they need to check on the thing.

As for the decorating the room is brighter the carpet is just a darker version of the previous carpet they put down a couple of years back.  They have also extended the vynal covering to the door rather than put carpet down there.  I've still not got a new cupboard though, they were due to put that up yesterday, however on coming home from a trip to Liverpool yesterday I found that the frame is up, but the central support has cracked, so I've got a frame up, but nothing else.  My fridge door still needs repairing and the extractor fan hasn't been installed either.  When that is being done, the electrician can look at the plug sockets as well, I'm going to get this place ship shape as such.  

Apart from those issues I've had a reasonable time of late, with a few bad days though.  One of the things that I've noticed and I have almost mentioned it above, is that I find people don't listen or don't wish to understand me when I'm explaining things to them.  Over the past few weeks I've only really noticed this issue and how much frustration it causes me.  I don't think it's down to my speech, which it may have been years ago, but for some reason no body listens to me when I tell them anything, and the other week it really hurt me, and left me in tears yet again.  I've been to two Pride events in the past couple of weeks, one in Salford last Sunday and then yesterday I was in Liverpool.  It was a really nice pride in Liverpool yesterday, and the parade was excellent even in the torrential rain.  I have a sore throat today, which I think is as a consequence of the rain, but hey one can suffer for having fun.  It was also nice to meet up with Jayne for the frist time since her wedding.